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Please Note:
These portable canopies are some
of the best available. This does not
mean they are indestructible.
Extreme wind or heavy snow could
collapse any temporary structure.
Caution should be taken to protect
your canopy under these conditions.
Please read the King Canopy
Warranty for more information.

DK1010PCS - Low Pitch Kennel Cover
Clamp-on Kennel Roof

The Low Pitch Kennel Cover clamps onto an existing 10' x 10' kennel. It uses a one-year, UV protected polyethylene cover and 20 gauge, silver powder coated 1-3/8" steel frame. This item is great for protecting animals from the elements.


  • Size: 9' 7" wide x 9' 7" length x 32" center height
  • Frame 1-3/8" diameter, silver powder coated 20 gauge steel
  • Comes with all hardware and 1 year silver polyethylene cover (6 oz. / 180 gsm)
  • Includes frame and ball ties (kennel sold separately)
  • 26 pounds
  • Click the image at right for a larger picture.
  • Price does not include shipping, quote provided in cart
  • $
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Additional Items (Add-ons or replacement parts) Note: Ball ties are not included in price of replacement covers. 
TKC1010 1 Year Silver Replacement Cover for 10' x 10' Kennel $ Add to Cart
CB80 Carry Bag with full length zipper, silver more info $ Add to Cart
BALL50 50 Pack Elastic Ball Ties - Black more info $ Add to Cart

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