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     I have been meaning to send this photo to you since completing the fence last June.  This is one of two pictures that I have of the vinyl fence around our pool.  The other is from a distance and shows the whole project.  Just e-mail me if you wish to see the other picture.  We have been very pleased with our decision to install the fence around the pool.  All our neighbors comment on how good it looks.

  In fact,  the pool installer was impressed with how easy it was for me to install it by myself.  It took me approximately 12 hours to install.  That includes hand digging all the post holes (all 22 holes).  The job went quickly due to the fact there was no rock and the soil was lose from the spring rains.  I did run into one problem.  Due to the fact that I was installing the gate at almost 110 degrees from the main fence, it was lacking structure support at the top of the post.  I installed as per instructions and filled the posts with concrete and steel.  But there was still some sage in the gate. 

Victorian Style installed in Tennesee!

Finished installation of Victorian Style!

I resolved the problem by building a trellis over the gate.  I filled the vinyl trellis with pressure treated lumber and bolted it together.  It was the finishing touch we needed at the entrance to the pool.  The picture was take before the trellis.  Before ordering the fence, I quizzed you on the difference in your product and Home Depot's product.  I am very glad we didn't use Home Depot's product.  The quality difference was like night and day.  Thanks for your help.

Michael Hart