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Aluminum Slats
Privacy Slats For Chain Link Fences

Description: Slats slide in diagonally. Held in place by bending the ends over the last wire diamond of the chain link fabric. Made of 100% aluminum. Factory applied paint creates resilient, colorful surface. Many colors to choose from (see note below about pricing for "regular" and "specialty" colors). Can be used as one color or colors can be alternated to create interesting and attractive diamond shaped patterns. Picture at the right shows use of walnut woodgrain and black slats with a 1 in 5 pattern (look below for more information on patterns). Provides maximum privacy when used with 2" mesh chain link fabric. Can be used with larger mesh size but will not fill diamonds completely. Sold in boxes of 100 slats. Will not rust or crack. Disadvantages: Can be dented if abused. A little tricky to install, but not difficult.

  Prices and Ordering

Aluminum Slats - Offers complete privacy with interesting patterns.

Available Colors:

Color Selection

Measuring Mesh Size
Aluminum slats are designed
to fill 2" mesh chain link fabric.

IMPORTANT: Read Installation Instructions before ordering.

Installation: This type of privacy slat is installed by laying each picket into the crevice that lies diagonally in chain link fence. After installing a series of 'background' pickets all on the same diagonal in adjacent crevices, a picket is installed counter diagonal by inserting the picket under a chain link weave, over a previously installed 'background' picket and then back under the chain link wire weave, as illustrated in the image above. These 'weave' pickets are what hold the others in place. The spacing of 'weave' pickets can vary from every 4 to every 8 diamonds. How close these are spaced depend on the strength of woven pickets desired and the pattern desired, since closer spaced 'weave' pickets create smaller diamonds in the finished product. Sometimes 'weave' pickets are installed in different spacing intentionally, say every 6 then 2, 6 then 2, and so forth, in order to create a fancier pattern in which a small diamond is surrounded by a larger one.

By choosing two contrasting colors, one for 'weave' pickets and one for the background, distinctive diamond shaped patterns can be created. To achieve this result, install the background pickets as usual, except use a different color to match the 'weave' picket every 4 to 8 pickets. Repeat this pattern. Install the 'weave' picket every 4 to 8 diamonds to match the spacing chosen for the background pickets. The result will be a series of diamonds in one color with a background in the other color. This pattern appears as diamonds on the front side of the fence, but not on the rear side, since the 'weave' pickets are only visible from the front side of the fence.
All of the picket ends are held in place by sharply bending the pickets over the end of the last wire diamond. If the slats are long enough, double them and stick the ends under the first available wire. This 'locks' the bottom in.
In order to know what quantities of pickets to order, first determine if a two color pattern is to be used. The chart below will give approximate quantities of 'weave' pickets, also called 'foreground' pickets and the quantity of 'background' pickets required depending on the spacing of 'weave' pickets (the ultimate size of diamond patterns). If only one color is desired, be certain to add the 'foreground' picket quantity to the 'background' picket quantity to arrive at total pickets needed.

Pickets Per 100' of Fence

Pattern Background Foreground Total
1 in 8 364 104 468
1 in 7 354 120 474
1 in 6 345 140 485
1 in 5 332 166 498
1 in 4 312 208 520

The quantity needed must be computed from the chart above
Sold in boxes of 100 pickets with no color mixing per box.

Pattern Samples

Example: A one in four pattern is desired. A two color pattern is desired; white background and red foreground. The total footage to cover is 230' (don't forget to include the gates).

Solution: From the chart above; a one in four pattern requires 312 pickets for the 'background' per 100' and 208 pickets for the 'foreground'. We need 230', so 230 divided by 100' equals 2.3. Background picket total would be 2.3 times 312 or 717.6 rounded to 718. We need 718 white pickets.

208 pickets times 2.3 equals 478.4 rounded to 479. We need 479 red pickets for the foreground. Since orders must be placed in increments of 100, we need 800 or 8 boxes of white pickets and 500 (479 rounded up to nearest 100) or 5 boxes of red pickets for the foreground. It is likely you will need the extras for spares and for cutting into gates and such.

For a 6' high fence that would be $147.63 per box times 13 total boxes or $1919.19

Actual Slat Lengths: The actual length of the aluminum slats are as follows in the chart below.

Actual Length of Aluminum Slats

Fence Height Slat Length
4' 62-1/2"
5' 78"
6' 93"
7' 108"
8' 128"
10' 156"

Slat length has to be long enough to cover
the diagonal length of your chain link fabric
plus 4" for bending over to lock slats.

ONE MORE THING TO CHECK: Some types of chain link, especially vinyl coated, have a longer diagonal. Measure the diagonal or your chain link weaves from the top of the fence to the bottom. Add 4 inches for bending slats over. Make sure that measurement does not exceed the slat length in the chart at left. The slats will not reach to the bottom of your fence if the slat is too short. In some cases this may be acceptable. The bottom of the chain link could be in or on the ground, in which case, you could bend the slat one or two diamonds above the ground. If you need another 3" added to the length of the pickets, add $5.00 per box.

Got it? Glad you do, it confuses us every time we have to figure a job. Of course you could ask your fencing professional or supplier at Hoover Fence. That way if a mistake is made, you can blame us.

Prices and Ordering: Choose height and color to cart

4' high
$ per box (regular colors)
$ per box (specialty colors)
5' high
$ per box (regular colors)
$ per box (specialty colors)

6' high
$ per box (regular colors)
$ per box (specialty colors)

7' high
$ per box (regular colors)
$ per box (specialty colors)

8' high
$ per box (regular colors)
$ per box (specialty colors)

10' high
$ per box (regular colors)
$ per box (specialty colors)

Sold in boxes of 100 pickets with no color mixing per box. Non-Returnable.

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Specifications for Aluminum Fence Slats
Width: 1 7/8" (fits 2" mesh)
Thickness Before Paint: 0.008"
Thickness After Paint: 0.010" (+) 0.0005"

Material: Extra high tensile aluminum (alloy 5052, H-19) painted with high baked enamel on a bonderized surface. Lead free in accordance with U.S. standard 0.06%.

Tensile St. (kg/mm˛): 37 (Before Paint), 38 (After Paint)
Yield St. (kg/mm˛): 35 (Before Paint), 30 (After Paint)
Elong: 5%