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Hedge Slats offer excellent privacy.Hedge Slats
Unique Slats For Chain Link Fences

Description: This is a unique product that resembles a green hedge. It is made from flame retardant 4 ply, 6 mil rigid U.V. stabilized PVC with a center core of stiff twisted 16 gauge galvanized wire. The slats install by pushing them down into the chain link weaves from the top and create a solid surface for ultimate privacy. Available for a wide variety of fence heights. Very easy to install (do-it-yourself difficulty rating of 2 on scale of 10 as hardest - if you can't reach the top of the fence: rating is 3).

Click to enlarge!Click to enlarge! Slats come packaged in bags.  Each bag comes with enough hedge slats to fill approximately 10 linear feet of chain link fabric.  Example: 60 feet of fence would require approximately 6 bags.
(Covers about 10' of fence)
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