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Installing winged style pvc slats:

The photo to the right shows the top view of the chain link fabric. Notice the oval "tunnel" created by the weaving of the chain link. You push the winged slats through that tunnel. The slats do not weave in and out of the wire. They simply slide through the tunnel. Some chain link fabric, especially vinyl coated fabric, can be stubborn and tight. Wet the slats down with soapy water if they are hard to slide into the chain link.

The next picture illustrates the incorrect way to "weave" the slat into the chain link.  Notice how it is not following the oval made by the weave, but is put in rather crooked.


install1.jpg (109669 bytes) install2.jpg (82353 bytes)
install3.jpg (88375 bytes) install4.jpg (48981 bytes)
wrongwayx.jpg (24888 bytes)

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