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Vinyl (PVC) Slats

These slats are used to add privacy to existing chain link fences.

The vinyl slats come in two styles:
Choose a style for prices and ordering!

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Lock-Top Slats

Winged Slats
Winged Slats

PVC Slat
  • Easy to install - no special tools or experience required - ideal for the 'do-it-yourself'
  • More durable than aluminum type diagonal slats
  • Installs vertically by sliding into the spaces created by chain link weaves
  • Available in many colors
  • PVC material is easy to wash, if necessary at all. Self-cleaning with the rain
  • Can't dent like aluminum
  • Can't rust - no painting required
  • Stay 'put' better - not likely to be dislodged by the wind
  • Ships easily by UPS in most sizes (up to 8' tall fence slats). Commercial freight is used on large quantity orders
  • Light weight material can be shipped inexpensively
Difference Between
Lock-Top and Winged Slats:

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Winged Slats have small "wings" to help close off the space in the weave of the chain link, providing more privacy. Lock-Top Slats are smooth on both sides with a routed hole about 6 inches from the top where a strip (included) is slid in horizontally to hold the slats in place. There is more room left over in the chain link so the privacy factor is lower with this type of chain link slat.

Note: Wind always plays a factor when deciding to place slatting into an existing chain link fence. Remember that anything that blocks line of sight will also block wind. Which may in turn cause your fence to sag after time. We recommend a hole spacing of 8 feet instead of the standard 10 feet when planning to install slats on a tall fence (6' tall or higher).