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  Artificial Turf - Roll Stock
Sports Turf - We have increased our selection of turf to meet any requirement and any budget! We now offer a variety of pile weights and padding options to choose from. All styles feature a stabilized woven polypropylene primary backing and either a 2MM natural rubber, or a 5MM Urelon foam cushion secondary backing. Our 2MM backing offers the greatest durability and best turf foundation. For applications that require a higher level of protection and cushioning against falls, choose a material with a 5MM Urelon foam backing. Turf comes in 15' wide rolls and 12' wide rolls, see below for more information on widths and manufacturer's limited warranties. Get the exact length requested, we never charge for over run material. Minimum of 12' long applies to all orders (144 sq./ft). Custom widths available, cutting fees apply and price is based on the full roll width. Lengths may be shipped in more than 1 section depending on available inventory. Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.
Bermuda Series Turf - A unique spring set monofilament design that is very durable and looks great. Designed to give a softer, more realistic feel while outlasting other turf. All grades of Bermuda are completely spike proof. Turf with 2MM natural rubber backing is great for outdoors. Turf with 5MM foam backing can be used indoors or outdoors, provides best cushioning.
Bermuda Pro Padded (MA-02378) - 36 oz. pile weight with a 5MM Urelon foam backing. 12' width, 5-year warranty.
Bermuda Super (MA-03231) - 42 oz. pile weight with a 2MM Natural Rubber backing. 15' width, 5-year warranty.
Sport Turf Series Turf - A standard straight fiber turf that is great for every application. A best seller for indoor facilities. The 24 oz. pile weight provides a spike resistant turf at an economical price. Can be used indoors or outdoors, the 5MM foam backing provides best cushioning. The turf with Unitary backing is a best seller for indoors facilities.
All Sport (MA-03677) - 24 oz. pile weight with Unitary backing. 12' width, 3-year warranty.
All Sport 5 (MA-02770) - 24 oz. pile weight with a 5MM Urelon foam backing. 12' width, 3-year warranty.
Turf can be used in many areas including:
  • Outdoors to drastically reduce maintenance in high wear areas
  • Indoors to protect flooring
  • Great for batting tunnels
  • Dugouts
  • Coaches' boxes
  • Locker rooms
  • Bull pens and other wear areas
  • Use on dirt
  • Glue down on asphalt or concrete for a more permanent installation
Bermuda Artificial Turf
Prices shown are available as a guide to determine cost of materials only. You must contact Hoover Fence Company to supply dimensions and to get a shipping quote for your order. Call 1-800-355-2335 or email for more information.
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MA-02378 Bermuda Pro Padded Turf - Minimum 12' length $
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MA-03231 Bermuda Super Turf - Minimum 12' length $
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MA-03677 All Sport Turf - Minimum 12' length $
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MA-02770 All Sport 5 Turf - Minimum 12' length $
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