Description: Water-filled low-profile barricade ideal for airports, landing fields & anywhere that requires a barricade under 24".
Size:   AR10x96 AR24x96
  Height: 10" 24"
  Width: 96" (84"when connected) 96" (84"when connected)
  Base Depth: 10" 14"
  Wall: .20" 15"
  Weight (empty): 28 lbs. 37 lbs.
  Weight (full): 260 lbs. 785 lbs.
  Water Capacity: 22.5 gallons 92.2 gallons
Material: High Impact, UV-Resistant, High Density Polyethylene.
Colors: Safety Orange
  1. Manufactured by a blow-molding process - producing a 2.5 times stronger product then rotational molding.
  2. Low-profile barricade designed especially for airports to delineate runways and airfield construction zones.
  3. Can be utilized to create a fence or to create Type III barricades.
  4. Designed to withstand heat from jet blasts.
  5. Pre-attached 6"x72" orange and white reflective, high intensity striping on each side.
  6. Pre molded to accommodate up to two flashing lights (AR24x96 accommodates only 1 light)
  7. 2 warning flags can be used in pre-molded holes (optional) (AR10x96 only).
  8. Vandal-proof connection creates interlocking longitudinal walls in almost any angled configuration.
  9. Can be repositioned using a forklift.
FAAAC: Meets the min. requirement.
Warranty: 1 year manufacturer's warranty on defects and workmanship