Signature Special Event Fence Panels
Product Specifications
Description: Signature® portable event fencing panels. Lightweight, multi-purpose fencing system. The choice at prestigious special events such as air shows, PGA golf tournaments and sporting events, Nascar, and horse race tracks.
Size: 42" H x 72" L (6ft) x 3.5" W
Panel Spacing: Space between Rails: Traditional Style: 3.5"
Picket Style: 2.25"
Space from Bottom Rail to Ground: 3.5" (for all styles)
Display Style Panel - Display Area : 30" H x 20" W (SP03 only)
Weight: 27 lbs.
Materials: Frame: UV Inhibited, Titanium Dioxide additive, high impact, compounded PVC frame and fittings. Locking Pins and Hardware: Aluminum and stainless steel.
Color: White.
Safety Features: Meets all applicable ASTM safety standards for portable fencing.
  Lightweight design.
  Fully assembled and ready for use.
  Unique rotating and adjustable foot system for versatility and easy storage.
  Sections store compactly in 3" wide area due to rotating and adjustable foot system and nesting capabilities.
  Attractive and professional look.
  connection system, hidden under post caps, enables panels to connect at any angle and on both sides.
  Caps are connected using lanyard system to prevent loss, yet allow access to connection system.
Warranty: 3 years - top-to-bottom, including full coverage for foot system and frame.