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Chain Link Tennis Court Kit Installation Manual

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Locating Corner Posts and Squaring the Fence Line:

Start by measuring the width and length of two adjoining sides to the tennis court perimeter fence. The exact width and length will depend on which kit you have purchased. Make an exact mark where the first corner post is to be located; tentatively mark the other three corners.

The next step is to stretch masonry guide string along these two sides and to square this corner. There is more than one way to square corners. The easiest and perhaps most effective is to use the three-four-five method. This method may actually be used to square any corner.

Repeat the following procedure for other three corners.

Three-Four-Five Traingulation Method to Squaring Corners:

To assure your chain link fence has square corners, use the three-four-five trangulation method to squaring corners.

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