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Chain Link Tennis Court Kit Installation Manual

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Marking Hole Locations - Gate Posts and Line Posts:

After checking that all corners are square, the next step is to use upside down paint to mark the location of intermediate posts and gate posts between the corner posts.  All of our tennis courts are designed with a maximum post spacing of 8'; this provides extra stength for windscreen/ shade fabric should it be used. 6' post spacing and/or larger diameter posts may be necessary in high wind areas - consult your sales representative prior to ordering if you feel you may need this. This will affect the quantity of fence posts and fittings needed.

Locate and mark gate post locations first. Kits are designed for gates to be centered on the length of the court fence. You may be able to change the location of these gates. Make a quick sketch to see if you have enough material or check with your sales representative for details. We accept no responsibility for material shortages if you change the standard layout.

Note About Gate Sizes:  As with most of our gates, gates are sold for the opening size, henceforth the 4' wide gates included with these kits will fit a 4' opening, the size in between the posts. Once you receive your material, be sure to check measurements carefully to verify gate opening sizes. This is done simply by measuring the hinges and latch provided. Gate posts are 3" O.D. (outside diameter) like the corner posts provided in our tennis court kits.

Line Post Spacing:  Line posts, or intermediate posts are to be spaced evenly between all terminal posts, i.e. end posts and corners posts. See below example.

Note For Marking Holes/ Setting Posts:  Once string is strung taut, consider the diameter of post to be set when making marks for digging. Terminal posts are all 3" O.D. while line posts are all 2-1/2" O.D. The 3" O.D. posts are to be set as tight to string as possible without touching the string. Set 2-1/2" posts approx. 1/4 - 3/8" from string line. The additional offset will be accounted for by the tension bands.

Chain Link Tennis Court Kit Post Layout Drawing

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