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TC-C25 - Single Court
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Our single tennis court kit, Model TC-C25, is offered in either high quality color coated or galvanized chain link fencing materials.  The TC-C25 has been designed to accommodate the 120’ long x 60’ wide standard single tennis court and allows both singles and doubles play.  Features are as follows:
  • 10’ overall fence height – 120’ long by 60’ wide perimeter fence.
  • Top and bottom 1-5/8” horizontal rails color coated to match rest of fence. Mid rail available.
  • 4” terminal posts (coating matches finish of fabric).
  • 3” line posts (coating matches finish of fabric).
  • 1-3/4” fabric available in vinyl coated 9 gauge or galvanized 11 gauge to match the finish of the framework.
  • Balance of fence fittings to match finish of framework and fabric.
  • Kit includes two 7’ high x 4’ wide pedestrian gates with welded frames and lockable latches. All match respective finish of other components.
  • Kit includes material to stretch the transom overtop of the 7’ high gates to maintain 10’ height.
  • Kits are designed so that you can add the windscreen of your choice – options available here.
  • Custom kits are available, so if you need features or sizes we don’t offer, please contact us via email or call directly at 800-355-2335.


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TC-C25 Single Tennis Court Kit, 10'H, 60'W x 120'L, Black $ Add to Cart
TC-C25G Single Tennis Court Kit, 10'H, 60'W x 120'L, Green $ Add to Cart
TC-C25BR Single Tennis Court Kit, 10'H, 60'W x 120'L, Brown $ Add to Cart
C25-MID Add Mid Rail Kit to TC-C25 Tennis Court Kit, Color Coated $ Add to Cart
TC-C25GL Single Tennis Court Kit, 10'H, 60'W x 120'L, Galvanized $ Add to Cart
C25-MIDGL Add Mid Rail Kit to TC-C25 Tennis Court Kit, Galvanized $ Add to Cart
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Hoover Fence Model TC-C25 Single Tennis Court Perimeter Vinyl Coated Fence Available in Black and Dark Green and With or Without Windscreen.  Tennis Court is Suitable for Single and Double Tennis Playing.