Klein Haven's Grip - Recommended Care and Maintenance

The following guidelines have been established in order to help maintain all grips in good condition:

1 - Clean the surfaces of grip jaws anytime there is an accumulation of foreign material. Use emery cloth or a clean wire brush to clean the jaws. (Notes: a. Aluminum strand conductor may have a die grease coating which can deposit on grip jaws. Conductor and grip jaws should be wiped clean of all grease before use. b. Be sure to clean grip jaws before and after each use on wire or cable which has been galvanized or otherwise coated.)

2 - Clean all working parts with an appropriate cleaner / degreaser. Allow grip to dry and apply CINCH YELLOW™ to all joints and moving parts using caution to keep jaws clean and dry.

3 - Check all parts for distortion or misalignment. Grips should operate smoothly. Spring loaded "Chicago" grips should lock open with the loop handle in the "DOWN" position and close automatically with the loop handle in the "UP" position.

4 - Never repair or modify any grip. If there is ever any question about the safe condition of any grip, please consult Klein Tools directly. Toll free: 1-800-553-4676.

You...and OSHA...and Klein Tools.

OSHA requires that all hand tools and equipment be maintained in good working order and that they be free from damage caused by wear or abuse (OSHA Part 1910, Subpart 1910-242)

In addition, OSHA Part 1926, Subpart V, Section 1926.955, paragraphs (c)(7)(ii) adn (8) specifically state that:

"The manufacturer's load rating shall not be exceeded for stringing lines, pulling lines, sock connections, and all load bearing hardware and accessories."

"Conductor grips shall not be used on wire rope unless designed for this application."

WARNINGS: Proper maintenance and field inspection of all grips is necessary before each use.

Repair or replace?

    Never attempt to repair or modify any grip. Grip jaws can sometimes be replaced if the grip is returned to Klein, but structural damage cannot be safely corrected. Grips that are bent, misaligned or otherwise distorted should be discarded and replaced.