Pul Jak Ordering

Pul Jak
3-Way Fence Tool For Stretching Chain link Fences and Gates

The superb 3-Way Fence Tool. Do fence and gate jobs formerly requiring additional equipment and extra man hours. Stretches chain link and barbedwire fences and gates. Lifts and pulls in precise minute steps. Aligns fences and gates in perfect clamping position. Try a Pul Jak profit maker. Pul Jaks pay of FAST!


  • Smooth, powerful stretching
  • Reverse workhead for lifting
  • No gears or troublesome cables
  • Reliable action
  • One man operation
  • Safe, convenient release lever

Type A Puller with 30" Rod        Type B Puller with 48" Rod

  • Rugged malleable iron heat treated workhead
  • Heavy duty tool with 1000 pound capacity
  • Workhead fits posts up to 3-1/2" diameter
  • Rod lengths available in 30" or 48" lengths
  • Redesigned alloy steel heat treated rod

Interchangeable Workhead        Pul Jak Combination Set


Stretching and Aligning using a Pul Jak:

    With chain link tension bar in fence, (using a "Model A" Pul Jak), hook the puller to your tension bar.  Place workhead around fence post, pump handle, drawing fence into desired clamping position.  When using "Model B" Pul Jak, simply hook stretcher studs into fence fabric and proceed as above.
Note: To release tension, simple depress trigger cam.

Model "A" Pul Jak
Model "A" Pul Jak

Model "B" Pul Jak
Model "B" Pul Jak

Lifting and Pushing with a Pul Jak:

    Depress trigger cam and slide workhead off rod.  Reverse workhead so "post notch" faces away from puller, then reassemble to rod.   DO NOT move handle while rod is removed!  Your Pul Jak is now ready for lifting or pushing.

Lifting with Pul Jak
Lifting with Pul Jak