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Structron Trenching/Cleanout Shovel

Structron tools are the best available. With features such as fiberglass handles, ProGrip™ comfort grips and the highest quality components from manufacturers around the world, you can expect this trenching shovel to outperform and outlast any other on the market.  Compare the quality of this shovel with others. You'll find that no other tools come close to offering the features of Structron tools. more info

S716 Structron Trenching/Cleanout Shovel with Cushioned ProGrips and V-shaped Blade with 3/4" Sides


Click to enlarge!S716 Trenching/Cleanout Shovel is constructed with the best parts available. The head measures 1.5" x 11.5". Shovel can be used for both trench digging and clean-out. The V-shaped blade with 3/4" sides provides maximum blade strength and helps shape the trench bottom for best positioning of wire, cable, or pipe. The reinforced fiberglass handle is 54" long. The ProGrip™ is made of textured vinyl with a non-slip surface for a secure grip with excellent shock absorbing protection. Shovel has a PermaGrip rivetless steel collar that connects the shovel neck, handle and fiberglass handle making it one solid unit. This trenching shovel is rated "Best". Lightweight shovel weighs 3.25 lbs.

Pricing / Ordering:

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