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Tru·Close™ Round Post Hinge

Applications & Compatibility:   Tru-Close™ hinges install quickly and easily to both new and existing gates.   Each pair of hinges are packaged to include a 10 piece kit and includes shims/ adaptors to fit a variety of gate post and gate upright sizes.  Gate posts may be 2", 2-1/2", and 3" O.D.  Gate uprights may be 1-3/8" x 1-5/8" O.D..  These are typical sizes for residetial and light industrial chain link jobs.  Tru-Close™ hinges are ideal for gates up to 132 lbs.

How To Install TRU-CLOSE™ Hinges: Hinges are to be installed both to the gate post and the gate upright using self-tap screws (included).  Be careful adding to prexisting gates, the space allowance between the gate hinge post and the gate upright may differ than what is currently installed.  You may need to pull and reset the latch or hinge post for a tight fit.  To adjust the self-closing hinges, remove cap on top of hinge with screwdriver.  Inside hinge is an adjustable hinge (adjustable with a screwdriver).   Adjust tension of spring-loaded hinge until the gate closes itself smoothly and latches properly.

Recommended Latches:
Magna Latch Top Pull  - magnetic self-latching pool-safe latch
Magna Latch Vertical Pull - magnetic self-latching pool-safe latch
Recommended Accessories:
Duckbill Holdback - mechanical gate 'hold-open' device

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