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    Stories from Previous Customers and Local Installations
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Your fence looks great and your people were very friendly and helpful. I plan on doing more fence work on my yard and I will be using your company again.  (more) Click for more info.

The fencing was easy to work with and the appearance is stunning. We were surprised how wonderful it really looks. It sets off our corner as it curves and slopes down around the sidewalk. (more) Click for more info.

The installation was very straight forward. Very satisfied with the quality of materials.
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The purchasing of the fence through the internet was convenient and easy.  The installation info was easy to understand, and the fence was easy to install.  Thank you for making my experience with you fun and easy. (more) Click for more info.

I started staking out the fence line and marking the post locations last Sunday.  I dug my first line post hole without any problem.   It went really quick and got me all excited. (more) Click for more info.

We purchased our fence from HOOVER FENCE CO. in Newton Falls, Ohio.  They have a web site that can answer any question about any kind of fence you could imagine.  I think they live-up to their goal of "providing the best site on the web about fences".  You can find...(more) Click image for more detail.

This is a 4 rail 100% vinyl post and rail fence installed by Hoover Fence Co. It has the flat interior type caps. They fit on the inside of the post so horses can't bite the cap off the post. (more) Click image for more detail.

This is an example of "racking".  Customizing the grade of the fence to match the landscaping.   This is a task that involves cutting the picket tops and bottoms at an angle in cases where the grade is sharp. Some racking is possible with little fuss. See image below for easier alternative. (more) Click image for more detail.

This Imperial was installed near our office in Newton Falls, Ohio by Bill Dye, Jim Beutler, and Chad Hoover.  The pool was brand new and the ground was pretty messy. (more) Click image for more detail.

About 375' of 6' high Norfolk.   This stretch of PVC fence will serve as a sight and noise barrier for Springtree East Condominiums on St. Rt. 14 right next to the State Highway Patrol Offices and near the intersection of Rts. 14 and 5.  The builders have mounded the ground slightly to emphasize the height of the fence and will probably be filling it in with landscaping. (more) Click image for more detail.

In fact,  the pool installer was impressed with how easy it was for me to install it by myself.  It took me approximately 12 hours to install.  That includes hand digging all the post holes (all 22 holes).  The job went quickly due to the fact there was no rock and the soil was lose from the spring rains. (more) Click image for more detail.

I finally got all my fence and porch projects complete and I must say I did good for an old guy!!!  I'll attach a couple pictures ...(more)

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More Customer Stories   [1]  [2]  [3]  [4]