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Submitted by Mike B. of Lucas, Texas
Thanks Mike!

Style: Victorian
Height: 4'
Size: 25 sections with 2 gates
Job Difficulty Rating:
(discovered unused septic tank and some tree roots)
( Easy, Difficult)

Victorian Vinyl Fence


Picture of how the fence is packaged for shipping - Click to enlarge!Good news.  My fence order was delivered today.  I did like your instructions said and checked all of the boxes and material while it was still on the truck.  I even had my digital camera ready to take pictures if something looked damage.  Everything looked fine so me and my wife unloaded it with the drivers help (I told him he didn't have to help but he said only "union" drivers are that way and he helped us anyway).  It took less than 10 minutes to unload it by hand.  Lots of peices were shrink wrapper together and light enough for one person to carry so it was actually very easy.  I was expecting it to be much harder and take longer. (click the image to see Mike's picture of how the fence was packaged.)

After unloading and the driver had left I inventoried the material against the packing list.  Everything on the packing list was accounted for and I ended up with 4 extra pair of rebar retaining clips because the gate hardware includes the clips for the gate post and I had also ordered them separately.

I will try to take some digital pictures when I build the fence and send some to you later.  It looks like I won't be able to start the fence for at least a couple of more weeks because the pool deck probably won't be done until then and I don't want to take the chance of the fence being damaged while they are still building the pool and deck.

Thanks for the excellent service and tell Frank his drawing program is a great Internet tool and he deserves a big head for it.

Mike Brenner
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  • Part I - Receiving the product.  Pictures and narrative of how the fence is packaged and shipped.
  • Part II - Staking the fence line and digging the first holes.
  • Part III - Installing the sections, leveling
  • Part IV - Installing gates
  • Part V - All done!
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