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Submitted by Duane L. of  Imperial, CA.
Nice job Duane. Thanks for the pictures!

Style: Cape Cod Concave and Norfolk1
Height: Cape Cod Concave 4', Norfolk1 4' and 6'
Size: 8 Sections of Cape Cod Concave,
         1 Four foot high Cape Cod Concave gate
         4 Sections of Norfolk1 6' high
         4 Sections of Norfolk1 4' high
Job Difficulty Rating:
(only because of different styles, requires special routing on posts at transitions)
( Easy, Difficult)

Cape Cod Concave in front yard, Norfolk1 on sides in two different heights

Customer's Comments:

Good morning Hoover Fence,
    I apologize for not writing sooner, but time seems to slip by without notice. The fence is up and complete and has been for a couple months. I am writing to thank you for your efficient, professional way you handled my order. Everything I ordered was delivered complete, undamaged and packaged in a way that expedited the building phase.
    Erecting the fence was a family affair. Five of us (sons and grand children) had the privacy fence up and posts set for the picket fence in a weekend. It took me, by myself, over two weeks to complete the project mostly after work and week ends. We followed your instructions with a couple of exceptions. We assembled the privacy fence on the ground, then lifted it into the hole, snapped it into the last post and poured cement. Also there were several holes less than 30" deep.
    The fence looks great. As a matter of fact its elegance exceeds the neighborhood norm. That's OK, I'll keep it. We have also received many compliments from our neighbors and others who checked it out. To compliment my beautiful fence, I'm planning on an arch with the Norfolk privacy fence on each side to cover a 15' space that leads into my back yard. Not right away, but soon. I'll try to get a couple photos to you along with my thanks.

Duane L., Imperial California

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Editor's Comments:

This job had 3 different transitions from 4' high Cape Cod Concave to 4' high Norfolk1 to 6' high Norfolk1. It involved special routed posts for the adjoining styles. The matching of different styles achieved the objective of having a decorative fence in the front yard and having privacy fence for the rest. Looks like the "family affair" approach worked out fine. Job really looks good. Thanks for the pictures Duane!  Hoover Fence Company