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Submitted by Vincent and Michelle A. of  Glasco, NY
Good work Vincent and Michelle. Thanks for the pictures!

Style: Olympia railing with balusters/Traditional Porch Posts
Height: 3' railing, Structural Porch Posts
Size: 6 Sections 3'x8' Olympia flat railing
         2 Sections 3'x6' Olympia stair railing
         6 Traditional porch posts
         4 railing posts with Gothic caps
         4 railing support kits, concrete
         14 wall mount brackets
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Customer's Comments:

My husband and I are extremely pleased with both your service and product. The railing is a wonderful asset to our new home. We have had many compliments and inquiries from people in the area building homes. We have recommended your product and hopefully you will benefit from it. Our purchase experience: EXCELLENT! Thank you again, Michelle A.
P.S.  If you would like any additional photos (once we have grass planted) please give us a call.

Vincent and Michelle A. - Glasco, NY

Editor's Comments:

Nice job Vincent. Glad to hear you and your wife Michelle get so many compliments on your railing and porch posts. Thanks for the recommendations, always can use more business. Our goal is to have 100% satisfaction from all our customers. Sure, send us some pictures when your grass is in. I'll add them later. Thanks for the pictures Vincent and Michelle! Hoover Fence Company