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Submitted by Donald G. - Apalachin, NY
Great job Don!. Nice before and after pictures!

Style: Cape Cod Concave Fence,
          Colonial Porch Posts,
          Olympia Railing with Balusters
Height: 5' Cape Cod Concave, 3' Olympia Railing
Size:    9 - Sections 5' Cape Cod Concave
          12 - Posts
          11 - Gothic Caps
            2 - Preassembled Gates
            7 - Colonial Porch Posts
            7 - Sections Olympia Railing w/Balusters

Job Difficulty Rating:
(lots of work for an "old guy")
( Easy, Difficult)

Colonial Porch Posts With Balusters

Customer's Comments:

Hi Billie (Hoover Fence Co. Sales Person), I finally got all my fence and porch projects complete and I must say I did good for an old guy!!!   I'll attach a couple pictures.

Follow up comment: Greetings From Apalachin, NY! ! ! Hi Hoover Fence Co., I was just checking your web site and ran across the pictures of my vinyl fence and porch project. WOW it looks so good I wish I had more to do! !! I just wanted to let you know that my contacts and purchases with your company have been a pleasurable experience and Billie of sales was a big help in this project. It is reassuring to know that there are excellent companies out on the web that strangers can purchase from and be assured they will be treated fairly and honestly. Congratulations! ! ! If I had an award I'd give it you and your company!!! Maybe I just did!!!

Donald G.
Apalachin, NY

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Editor's Comments:

Excellent job for an "old guy".  What a difference the porch posts and railing made on your front porch!  You did a great job on the fence also. I see in your file you've been very busy buying vinyl products from us.   Maybe we'll make your house a showroom for Hoover Fence Co.!   Thanks again for the great pictures Don!  Hoover Fence Co.