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Hi Frank!
Remember me?  I bet you thought I forgot about you.  Well, they finally got the pool to a point where I could start putting up the fence this week.  It seems like it has been forever since I ordered and received the fence
material from you.  Anyway, here's what's happened this week and some pictures. (click images for more details.)

Staking out the fence line.  Click for more detail.I started staking out the fence line and marking the post locations last Sunday.  I dug my first line post hole without any problem.   It went really quick and got me all excited.  The post hole digger is real small (one person) and goes all the way into the ground to get the 30 inches depth. The second hole made it about 18 inches and hit the top of an abandoned septic tank.  My excitement somewhat lessened at this point.  Well, I decided I would cut that post short, make the hole wider, and run two 12 inch pieces of rebar vertically through the bottom of the post (like a cross: +) to give it extra support.  It's a line post so I think this should be okay.  The third hole made it about 12 inches and hit the top of a tree trunk from a tree we had taken out to make room for the pool.  I lost all of my excitement at this point.  I had several choice words that I used and then decided to stop digging any more post holes until I got through the stump.  With the help of a neighbor and my wife, a double bladed axe, a drill with an 18" wood auger, and two electric chain saws, I was able to make a "square hole" through the stump large enough to get the post hole digger in and dug down the required 30 inches.  I started smiling again.  My dad came over and with his and my wife's help we have dug the remaining post holes in two days with just a few problems.  We hit cliche rock along the driveway a couple of times and tree roots several times around the back of the pool where we had a bunch of trees taken out.  I still have one hole on the back side with a root in the way that I want to get passed because it is a gate post and I want to be sure it has a strong base.  You say on your Web site: "The hardest part to install vinyl fences is digging in mother earth and mixing the concrete".  Well, I have thoroughly experienced the first part of this statement and am excitedly awaiting the second part.  He, he!

The pictures: Fence1 is a picture of the fence still wrapped up and on the skid.  Fence2 shows the fence line and stakes for the post hole locations. Fence3 & Fence4 show the posts in the holes ready to start a test fit.

We got rain this afternoon and I had to quit putting up the fence so I wrote you this note instead.  Hopefully I can continue tomorrow.   I'll take more pictures and send them to you as time allows.

Keep smiling, I am!
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  • Part II - Staking the fence line and digging the first holes.
  • Part III - Installing the sections, leveling
  • Part IV - Installing gates
  • Part V - All done!
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