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Hi Frank (and the rest of the Hoover fence gang),

The fence is still progressing.  Looks like it will be a three section job right now.   We installed the first section over the weekend.  We spent a lot of time learning how to level each section before we put down the concrete. It's a three way level (height, angle orientation (N,E,S,W), and vertical orientation (bubble center on two axis) so each post takes some time.  We first leveled the height of all posts in the section by placing blocks and shims under the bottom rail with a string line across the top rail (each end/gate post was leveled in advance).  Next, we leveled each post orientation with a string line stretched from outside corner to outside corner.  For the vertical alignment we used a standard post hole double level as we concreted each post.  We took extra time but the result is absolutely fantastic, straight and gently sloping with the land.  The gate and end post were routed to compensate for the angle of the fence.  We made a simple jig to maintaiin equal distance from each side as we routed the post.  We forgot to route the top hole of one of the gate posts and had to "field" route it.  The jig was very helpful here.

I have attached a few pictures for your viewing pleasure.  Fence5 shows my Dad using his equal lateral high heel dumb sight method of centering the post.  It didn't work so we moved him back into the garage.  Fence6 shows the completion of part 1 of section 1 of the fence (the dog is "Emma", our adopted stray).  Fence7 shows the completion of part 2 attached to part 1 of section 1 of the fence.  Fence8 is an overhead of the completed section 1.

We start on section 2 tomorrow if it doesn't rain tonight.  So far it looks good but anything can change over night, as you already well know.

Wish us luck,
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  • Part I - Receiving the product.  Pictures and narrative of how the fence is packaged and shipped.
  • Part II - Staking the fence line and digging the first holes.
  • Part III - Installing the sections, leveling
  • Part IV - Installing gates
  • Part V - All done!
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