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It's done!  And it's beautiful!  I get more comments about the fence than I do the pool.  I guess I should have just put up the fence without the pool. I could have saved a lot of money.  Also, I got your check for the pictures. That was not necessary but I appreciate the kind gesture anyway.  I am including the final pictures of the fence and pool.  You are welcome to use these or any of the prior pictures I have sent you anyway you like.  I can also provide you with higher resolutions of any of these pictures that you want but they will be much larger files, at least twice as big or more.  You are welcome to use me as a reference whenever you like.

Thanks for a good product and great service!

Mike Brenner (AKA: Mikey)

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  • Part I - Receiving the product.  Pictures and narrative of how the fence is packaged and shipped.
  • Part II - Staking the fence line and digging the first holes.
  • Part III - Installing the sections, leveling
  • Part IV - Installing gates
  • Part V - All done!
  • Thumbnail Picture Page - see all the photos of this job on one page.