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Submitted by Jack and Peggy B., Jackson, OH.
Looks great Jack, thanks for the great photos!

Style:  Porch Post Cladding
Height: 6"x 6"x 8-1/2'
Size:    3 - 6x6 Vinyl Cladding
          12 - Trim Brackets

Job Difficulty Rating:
(easy job)
( Easy, Difficult)

Porch Post Cladding

Customer's Comments:

Just wanted to say how pleased we are with the Hoover cladding. The fit was near perfect. Attached is a picture so you can see for yourself.

Thanks again,
Jack and Peggy B.

Jackson, OH.

Hoover Fence Co. Reply:

Thanks for the pictures Jack. We're glad you like the products offered at Hoover Fence Co. The cladding not only looks great but eliminates porch post painting forever! Glad your project went smoothly.
Hoover Fence Co.

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