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Submitted by John S., Burbank, CA.
Truly a unique job, thanks for sending in photos!

Style:  Chesterfield Victorian
Height: 6' (modified by customer)
Size:   9 - 6' Chesterfield Victorian 8' Sections
          10 - Posts
          10 - Ball Caps         

Job Difficulty Rating:
(not for just anybody, custom fabrication by customer)
( Easy, Difficult)

Chesterfield Victorian - custom installation by customer!

Customer's Comments:

Dear Stacey,

After completing my vinyl fence, I thought you might like to see some photos of the job. You may not remember me, but you sort of walked me through the purchase and the construction a few months ago. I wanted to build a fence on top of a retaining wall along the back of my property. Since the neighboring property is already about ten feet below mine, I didn't need six feet in height. Also because of a short section that is at a 45 degree angle at one end, and to make the rest of the sections all the same length, and because the last sections are on a sloping slab, I couldn't use any ready made fence sections. You assured me that I could custom fit the fence to any dimensions that I needed. I bugged you several times with phone calls and questions, and you were always very patient and helpful. Thank you for that!

I must also tell you how pleased I was with the quality of the product and the timely and accurate delivery of the material. The shipment arrived in perfect condition and was 100% accurate in content.

As the pictures show, the fence sections needed to be only about 45 inches high, and needed a gap at the bottom to be filled with brick after the fence was up. That is because there is about one foot of dirt above the retaining wall that was held up by a wall of brick. Sort of a retaining wall on top of the retaining wall. I didn't want to use the vinyl fence as a retaining wall; hence the brick wall under the fence. It sounds weird, but as the photos show, it came out great.

My homemade template worked very well. I used the one end post I ordered as a pattern to make the template. Due to the shortened height and length of the sections, it was necessary to cut virtually every piece that went into the fence, except the post caps. I also reduced the size of the Victorian Accent top so that it was proportional to the reduced height of the fence. The material was very easy to cut using a table saw for the small peices and a radial-arm saw for the longer ones. Routing the holes in the posts was a snap, and only took a few minutes for each one. Thanks to your suggestion of using the rebar clips, setting and plumbing the posts was no problem at all.

Unfortunately, the photos were taken before the concrete residue was cleaned off of the vinyl, and before the new landscaping was put in. It now looks even better.

I enclosed some photos of another vinyl fence in my neighborhood that apparently doesn't have any reinforcement in the bottom rail. You can plainly see the sagging bottom of the sections. I was impressed with the sturdy channel iron running through the bottom rail of your fence.

Hope I didn't bore you with all these drawn-out details, but I wanted you to know how pleased I am with the results in general, and your service and product in particular.


John S.
Burbank, California

Hoover Fence Co. Reply:

Looks like you did an excellent job of improvising to build the custom fence enclosing your back yard/pool. Not every person has the ability to do a job such as this, but it appears you were up to the challenge. Once again, thanks for the pictures!

Hoover Fence Co.

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