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Submitted by Gordon F., Wappingers Falls, NY.

  Age Craft Elite Vinyl Railing w/1-1/2" and 3" Pickets
Height: 3' High
Size: (3) 8' Wide Flat Railing Sections
         (3) 6' Wide Flat
Railing Sections
         (2) 8' Wide Stair Railing Sections
         (10) Newel Post Sleeves w/Trim Ring
         (10) New England Post Caps
         (1) 3' Wide Gate

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Age Craft Elite Vinyl Railing with Alternating 1-1/2" and 3" Pickets

Customer's Comments:

This was an order from July 7th. I purchased the railings, post covers and gate. Attached are photos of the finished product. EVERYBODY is giving me compliments on how nice the deck now looks. The deck and railing I replaced was stained PT wood that was splintering and needed more upkeep. My only regret is that I forgot to take some photos before I started the replacement job. Thanks for your excellent service. I rate your company a "10" and Yes!, I would do business with Hoover Fence Company in the future.
Gordon F.
Wappingers Falls, NY

Hoover Fence Co. Reply:

Very nice job Gordon. Thanks for the pictures!
Hoover Fence Co.

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