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Submitted by Mike C.of Jonesboro, GA
Porch looks great! Thanks Mike!

Style: Olympia Railing with Balusters /
Traditional Porch Posts
Height: 3'
Size: 5 sections / 5 posts
Job Difficulty Rating:

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Olympia Railing with Balusters and Traditional Porch Posts

Customer's Comments:

"Erik, The installation was very easy, my wife and I, put up the columns in one afternoon. The hand rail was a little more difficult, because I cut out the columns where the rails would fit inside the columns, rather than have the brackets and screws visible. Even with this it only took about 3 to 4 hours to complete.   I would suggest to anyone that plans to install this system, to have the holes routed in the columns before starting. This would only require, knowing how far from the floor the bottom rail should be, and the distance between the bottom and top rail to cut all of the holes in advance.  Also the columns would have to be marked as to, end column and corner. The only thing that would need to be done to install, would be trim the rails to the proper length, then slide everything together.  This would make the installation very easy.   The only thing that made my job difficult was, I had the columns in place before I decided to insert the rails into the columns, so I had to take the columns back down, cut the holes, and reinstall.  I always do things the hard way! Nothing like an education, no matter how you get it! - Mike C. - Jonesboro, GA

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Editor's Comments:

This job consists of 3' high Olympia Railing with "T" top rails and Balusters. It also has Traditional Porch Posts. Nice touch, routing the porch posts so that the railing sections slide right in! Great photos and thanks for the advice. -  Hoover Fence Co.