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Submitted by Curt L. of North Attleboro, MA
Nice pictures! Thanks Curt!

Style: Manchester Scalloped
Height: 4'
Size: 29 sections / 3 gates
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Manchester Scalloped Vinyl Fence

Customer's Comments:

"Hi Folks:  Here are a few pics of the early going. What you are looking at is the "fence within a fence" meaning, this corner will tie back into the screen porch so we have a "dedicated" dog drop area. The fence will continue to the side lot line and then to the rear lot line. So far this has gone extremely well ...instructions on paper as well as from you guys have been very clear and concise.  As you can see, I have hung my first of four gates...no issues, hinge adjustment allowed me to make-up my "near" measurements on the gate construction. I have actually made two of the gates, first one was a little time consuming...you know, measure twenty times, cut five...for future reference with this particular fence, Manchester Scallop, in order to achieve proper picket pacing between gate rails, allow for 13 pickets in the gate itself. Although my target was 50" overall, this created a gate about 49 5/8" which the hinges allow for...Just another simple tip...when cutting the long pickets to length, the cut pieces make great spacers between post and first picket when aligning rails within the posts...I invested $70 for a laser level and $30 for a rotating base...invaluable in shooting grades/lines.  I placed the level in the center of my work area and shot lines 360 degrees...what a time saver...Thanx again for your help, more pics as I progress." Curt L .of North Attleboro, MA

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Editor's Comments:

Looks like it's coming along fine Curt. Thanks for the tips, which I'm sure other customers will appreciate. Great photos and I look forward to seeing the finished project. -  Hoover Fence Co. 

(Click here to see the finished job!)