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    Stories from Previous Customers and Local Installations
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I have included some pictures of rail & columns that I already installed.  I am very pleased with the system. Thank you!   (more) Click for more info!

The installation was very easy, my wife and I put up the columns in one afternoon. The hand rail was a little more difficult, because I cut out the columns where the rails would fit inside the columns, rather than have the brackets and screws visible. Even with this it only took about 3 to 4 hours to complete.   (more) Click for more info!

So far this has gone extremely well...instructions on paper as well as from you guys have been very clear and concise.   (more) Click for more info!

Thanks for the delivered order from a couple of weeks ago. When the weather breaks, I'm ready! Take care... (more)

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I am writing to thank you for your efficient, professional way you handled my order. Everything I ordered was delivered complete, undamaged and packaged in a way that expedited the building phase...(more)

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My husband and I are extremely pleased with both your service and product. The railing is a wonderful asset to our new home...(more)

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The fence was very easy to install and looks great (as the pics will attest!)  You should also notice that some posts were turned into lamp posts! Thanks so much for you and your company and everything that you all did to make our backyard this beautiful!!...(more)

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No comments from this customer yet.   Evidently he's a satisfied customer because he sent us a bunch of nice pictures!...(more)

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We purchased two different vinyl fences at two different times and we're very happy with the courteous service and good product quality...(more)

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I had rented a post hole digger for the 26 post holes. There were so many rocks that it was rendered useless and 24 were done by hand. It was a couple of brutally hot days in August. This was the hardest part of the installation. The fence was fairly easy to install ...(more)

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It's been just under a year since we finished our great looking fence...I finally had this one roll of film developed and knew you'd like to see the results ...(more)

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More Customer Stories   [1]  [2]  [3]  [4]