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  Frequently Asked Questions

Q.) What length vinyl planks are available?
A.) You may purchase 12' deck planks in any quantity, 16' planks are sold in a minimum quantity of 25; 20' and 24' length planks are ONLY available in pallet quantities (50 pieces) AND as part of a half truckload or more of vinyl products, i.e. fence, railing.

Q.) What is the maximum joist spacing permissible with vinyl decking planks?
A.) 24" is the maximum unsupported span, however 16" joist spacing is recommended.  If you are laying the planks down diagonally, use 16" joist spacing maximum.

Q.) How are the deck planks attached to the wooden joists?
A.) Deck planks must be screwed to the substructure. Screws are then hidden by the fill piece.  Do not ever use nails or glue to secure vinyl deck planks.

Q.) How much plank overhang is permissible from substructure?
A.) 4" maximum, you need to overlap at least 1-1/2" to attach end cover.

Q.) I need to lay two planks end to end to accomplish my desired length.  How do I build the substructure properly?
A.)  This may be done, however be sure to have a joist where they seam, preferably a double joist.

Q.) Can the fill pieces be spliced?
A.)  Yes, they can.

Q.) How do I trim up the ends and corners of my PVC deck?
A.) You may create an "L-Channel" by using a utility knife.

Q.)  What are the dimensions of the vinyl planks used for decking?
A.)  1-1/2" x 5-1/2" x your chosen length.

Q.) What is the suggested plank spacing?
A.)  1/8"

Q.)  Do the vinyl planks have steel or aluminum reinforcement?
A.)  No they are unnecessary.  Vinyl planks have vinyl interior reinforcement.

Q.)  What is the warranty?
A.)  View the warranty here:

Q.)  What colors is the decking available in?
A.)  The CertainTeed vinyl decking is available in white, almond, and grey.

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