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Compared to Cedar and Metal. At New England Arbors we believe that you only get out what you put in. That’s why we start with only the highest quality vinyl resin. Then we specify additives to improve its weatherability. And finally we design New England Arbors to meet our exacting structural standards. In other words, we put a bit of ourselves in every one of our products. Because we know how it feels to admire that beautiful new arbor. And we want our customers to be proud, every day, for a long time to come. And we won’t let you down.

New England Arbors Cedar Metal
Aesthetic Performance Increases curb appeal and appreciation; consistent beauty that is virtually maintenance-free High maintenance required to keep up original aesthetic performance Medium maintenance required to keep up original aesthetic performance, and in most cases cannot be used to replicate stronger and bolder features without being very high priced
Endurance Dimensionally stable; will not rot, warp, buckle, swell or deteriorate even in the harshest climates; and maintains original appearance over product life-time. Can split and crack over time; knots can shrink and fall out, resulting in unsightly gaps and exposure to moisture damage. Paint will fade and require re-application over time to prevent rust and corrosion
Uniformity Consistent building surface; no cracks, knots or other imperfections; less construction waste; reliable supply available Dwindling availability of high-quality old-growth forest supply can result in inconsistent surfaces, cracks, knots and other imperfections Excellent
Consumer Perception Premium alternative, high-end, advanced technology Viewed as high-end, but consumers are increasingly wary of high maintenance required Viewed as high-end, but consumers are increasingly wary of maintenance required
Pests Impervious to termites and other insects Susceptible to damage by termites and other pests Impervious to termites and other insects
Combustibility Non-combustible, creates very little smoke when exposed to flame Burns when exposed to a significant source of heat or flame Extremely low
Price Significantly less over lifetime with little or no maintenance Significantly more when maintenance is included Significantly more when stronger and bolder features are incorporated