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Lasting Beauty

There's nothing like the beauty of real wood. Except this. New England Arborsare America's leading provider of ready to assemble vinyl arbor kits. In just a few short years their products have made believers out of more than 65,000 homeowners. Put simply, people like the arbors. That’s because they not only replicate the warmth and beauty of real wood, but they offer low maintenance and long-lasting durability. New England Arbors also bring out the beauty of your home and garden and enhance the overall look and feel. They also maintain the integrity of your home’s architectural style, offering a much more natural selection than other maintenance-free products. For all these reasons, New England Arbors are preferred by those who have seen the difference.

Lasting Value

Standing Up To Mother Nature. While wood can rot and warp, New England Arbors maintain their good looks year after year. These arbors won’t crack, rot or delaminate - a promise we backed up with a manufacturer's 20-year limited product warranty.

A Traditional Problem. Traditional architectural styles are timeless. Unfortunately, traditional construction materials like wood don’t often stand a chance against severe weather, temperature extremes and destructive insects. If they do last, it’s your hard labor keeping them looking that way.

Combining Vintage Beauty with Hi-Tech Performance. You would never guess the beautiful products manufactured by New England Arbors were not hand-made by a master craftsman. Surprisingly, it’s the result of New England Arbor technology. Their products are manufactured by molding premium high-grade polyvinyl and polyethylene around modern structural elements to provide long-lasting beauty, durability and quality.
Compare to cedar and metal arbors

Lasting Impressions

The Original. The Leader. The one to look for. When you offer a better product, people take notice. So it’s no surprise that New England Arbors have been recognized by industry professionals as one of today’s finest vinyl arbor products. Whether you’re seeking a subtle accent or a bold centerpiece, you’ll find in New England Arbors' products classic design and durability without equal. So go ahead, bring your vision to life, and say something about your excellent taste in design by giving your home the natural-looking arbor you can be proud of for years to come.

Imagine the Freedom. Imagine the freedom of almost maintain-free arbor and other outdoor products. No painting, no treating, no sealing… just enjoying, enjoying, enjoying. Unlike wood, New England Arbors products keep their good looks year after year with just an occasional rinse with a garden hose. That’s the real beauty of the entire family of products from New England Arbors. Guaranteed!

Design Details

Strength & Beauty. Through customer feedback and a dedication to continuous improvement, New England Arbors have been modified and re-engineered to blend maximum strength with simplicity of assembly and installation. If you can operate a cordless drill, measuring tape, level and shovel – you can install these products. Illustrated instructions and a dedicated team of customer service representatives can support and guide you with any of your concerns.

Post Detail. Unlike wood, all New England Arbors posts and pieces are perfect. This perfection makes them easier to install. The unique “UltraFit” bracket coupler system ensures superior side panel and rail strength. Pre-routered holes provide a clean fit and finish.

Pre-Installed Couplers and Channels. UltraFit bracket coupler and vertical lattice channel come pre-installed on the Nantucket and Fairfield Arbors.

Lattice Detail. On most arbor and trellis models, lattice fits into vertical grooved frame, which is secured directly to the post.

Arch Detail. Arch systems come separated and are locked together by screwing the keystone to arches. Arch spokes are simply installed by sliding over protrusions for secure registration of spokes into a strong and unified structure.

Mail Post & Sign Post Detail. The vertical post comes as one piece that allows universal fitting of supporting bracket and planters in multiple configurations. It also includes 4x4 wood post for ground mounting.

Hardware Detail. All hardware supplied is non-corrosive stainless steel. Screws come with self-augering tips, which allow direct installation for holes that are not pre-drilled.

Guaranteed satisfaction. New England Arbors founder Stephen Prins believes that people who make a significant investment in their happiness should get a guarantee that the New England Arbor product will perform as promised. He feels that whenever possible we should go above and beyond our warranty to ensure complete customers satisfaction. So, if you’re not happy, he's not happy. And he will do whatever it takes to ensure your satisfaction. We encourage you to compare warranties very carefully. We are proud to disclose New England Lifetime Warranty in full detail here. There is no fine print to hide. It’s their pledge of quality to you.