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Although the picture shown is the Madison Arbor, all of the "QF" series arbors can be assembled in the same way for a  50" opening.  Simply install the posts with a  50" inside opening and position the top rail with the braces on the outside instead of the inside.  The exception to this rule is the Victorian Arbor (QF-VICT) which can be assembled to have an opening anywhere between 50" - 62" wide.

The added bonus with the "QF" series arbors is that they can also be assembled to have an opening between the inside of the posts of 51-3/4".  This is a great advantage because pre-assembled gates in many styles are offered that can be mounted to the arbor to create a walk-in arbor entrance when fence sections, hedges or walls are butted up to the outside of the arbor. Many customers have requested this size opening in an arbor to utilize a pre-assembled gate.  Check out the links below for more information on arbors with gates.

With or without a gate, the "QF" series arbors are versatile and sturdy when installed properly. The details weren't overlooked on these arbors. With a Manufacturer's Lifetime Guarantee, you will enjoy your arbor for a long time!

Madison Arbor Installed for 50" Opening