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ProPost Post Extension Kits - Available for 4" and 5" posts
Manufactured by New England Arbors


With the ProPost Post Extension Kit, you can install your arbor posts securely with ease. To keep costs down and the quality up, all of our products are UPS-able. Longer, extended posts aren’t. The Post Extension Kit gives the stability and dependability of an arbor installed with extended posts, used by professionals.

Note: The ProPost Extension Kit system is primarily recommended for arbor installation that will include a connecting fence or gate. It is also ideal for ground conditions that are not level from one side of the arbor to the other. The Post Extension Kit is used in the place of wood for in-ground allowance.

ProPost Post Extension Kits - In-Ground Arbor Mounting Systems
ProPost Post Extension Kit
  • Designed for use with 4"x4" or 5"x5" posts
  • Includes (4) Post Extensions, (32) #8 x 1-1/2" Stainless Steel Screws, and (1) tube of Vinyl Weld Adhesive.
  • Easy, fast assembly (see instructions below)
  • Gives the stability of an extended length post for in-ground installation without the high shipping costs associated with oversized posts (adds 30" to existing arbor posts)
  • ProPost Specifications: 4x4 | 5x5
  • Complete with 4x4 instructions or 5x5 instructions
Step One - Click to enlarge!

Step One:
Glue all four sides of the joiner (60 second cure time) and slide the joiner of the extension into the arbor posts.

Step Two - Click to enlarge!

Step Two:
Screw all four sides fo the arbor posts with 2 screws per side (repeat for all posts).

Step Three - Click to enlarge!

Step Three:
Once the arbor installation is complete, the extension joint should be buried below earth grade.

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