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Installation Tips

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( how to concrete a post )

Setting a post with concrete for added support Installing an in-ground post with concrete:

The drawing illustrates the proper installation of in-ground vinyl posts. Two pieces of 1/2" rebar are placed in opposite corners of the post and can be held in place during installation by special rebar clips.

It is essential that this be done on every post on 7' and 8' high vinyl fences to add structural integrity to the vinyl fence. On shorter heights, only end, gate and corner posts should be set this way. Gate posts would require filling the post to the bottom of the top rail hole so the hardware will adhere better to the post. Mount the gates first before filling the gate post. There are steel inserts available by special order to substitute for filling posts with concrete. It is much cheaper to use concrete.

Make sure the rail ends are taped or plugged shut so concrete does not travel horizontally through the rail. It can add weight to the section and make it sag.