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How to Install the Imperial Style

Imperial Pricing

Shake, Rattle and Roll!
Drilling the holes is always the hardest part.  The hard clay soil of late August can make this first step quite difficult.  Bill Dye of Hoover Fence is using a "Little Beaver" to help out.
Here we see Bill actually leaning on the auger.  Of course this job can be accomplished using a hand-held post hole digger, but Bill has worked for us for years, and has earned his PHD, trust me.
Bill Dye putting all his muscle into it!
Mid-rail Routing Detail
This is a closeup shot of the routed mid-rail.  This assembly really is quite easy.   It can be a one-person job.  Bill did all the sweatin' and I caught it all on film!
Inserting Pickets
Then the pickets simply slide in through the mid-rail and into the pre-routed bottom rail.

Just doing some final leveling of the section before firmly tamping in the posts.
Leveling Post

Leveling Section
A shot of the level on the top rail.  This is done to make the section square with the posts, but these sections can actually be "racked" meaning that they can slope to follow the contour of the ground if necessary.  We can also order non-routed posts, if a "stair-step" method is preferred.  Click here for more details on "racking and stair-stepping".
Fill in holes.
The finished post, after we (well, Bill actually) finished filling in the holes with topsoil.
A nice closeup of the Gothic Style Cap.   Although I chose this cap for this demonstration, there are several style of cap that fit, including a ball cap and flat interior and exterior caps.  We even have a post cap shaped like a horse's head!
Gothic Cap Detail
Finished Section.
And the finished section.  This style is the 5 foot tall variety.  It is available in 3, 4, 5, and 6 foot heights.  The mid-rail is not used for the 3 and 4 foot high sections.