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How to Install the Norfolk One Style with Lattice Accent

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Simply click the thumbnails on either side of the screen for a larger more detailed image.  This online instruction manual is meant to show how easy it is to install this vinyl fence.  A complete fully illustrated manual is included with each order.

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Chad makes digging the holes look easy.
He didn't have to work too hard,
notice the Bobcat in the background?
Chadley diggin away!
The Nu Boston Digger in action.
Here he is using the Nu-Boston Digger
to "bell" the bottom of the hole.
Chad Hoover - born 10/06/75,
attending KSU, major - English Literature.
Thoreau eat your heart out!
After the hole has been thoroughly
cleaned out the post can be inserted.
Insert post.
Check hole depth.
Notice the depth of the hole according
to the routed hole in the bottom of the post.
It is advised to use rebar to reinforce
corner and gate posts. This is a rebar separator
clip that helps to keep the ends of the rebar
apart when filling the posts with concrete.
Rebar separator clips.
This style of fence uses a steel channel
to reinforce the bottom rail.  I slid it
out a few inches to better illustrate.
Steel channel in bottom rail.
Lock ring.
This is a lock-ring.  It is used to lock
the top and bottom rail into the post.
The lock-ring is made out of plastic
and is easily squeezed by hand.
Squeezing lock ring.
The lock-ring must be slightly
squeezed before inserting into the rails.
Inserting lock ring into rail.
Insert rail into post.
Next insert the bottom rail into the
pre-routed hole in the post.
Press the button which sticks out of the
rail to allow it to slide into the post.
Once inside it slides back out to
lock it into place.
Push button to lock rail into place.
The posts are all pre-routed.  Here you
see the two slots meant for the mid-rail.
Pre-routed holes for mid-rails.
Insert mid-rail.
The mid-rail easily slides right into place.
Continue with the other mid-rail.
Insert second mid-rail.
Now you are ready to start inserting
the pickets. This is the shrink-wrapped
packet in which the pickets are shipped.
Packet that illustrates how the pickets are shipped.
Sliding pickets through mid rail.
Start at one end and slide a picket between
the mid-rails and down into the bottom rail.
This illustrates the tight fit that the
picket makes with the bottom rail.
Slipping picket into bottom rail.
Continue until all of the pickets are in place.
Continue to install pickets.
Snap top rail into place.
Slip on the top rail and use another
lock ring to snap it into place.
The pickets are secured to the mid rail
with screws. This shows the decorative
caps that are used to cover the screws.
Covers for the mid-rail screws.
This is the bottom rail of the lattice unit.  It gets screwed to the top rail of the fence section.
Lattice rail.
The lattice that is precut to size and that
slides right into the channel of the bottom rail.
The top rail of the lattice section slides
over the lattice and into the
pre-routed hole of the posts.
Finished section