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Vinyl Post Cap Colors

Color matching of our post caps to your existing fence or railing can not be guaranteed. There are numerous manufacturers of vinyl products, each having their own colors and color names. White post caps are safe to order and expect to match regardless of which manufacturer makes your fence or railing. Any other color may or may not match your existing vinyl products. Often color matching is not crucial, a slight shade difference may even be desired to add more appeal to the post caps. If color matching is important to you, please request a color sample or order just one post cap to see if you like it. You may return the post cap or order more knowing how it will look on your project. The customer will be responsible for shipping costs to and from the destination and Hoover Fence Company. Refunds will be given to returned items that haven't been installed and are in their original boxes. See the guidelines below for more help on this subject.
Certainteed (Bufftech/EverNew) Standard Post Caps:
These post caps are offered in white, tan, almond and clay. These caps will match the colors of our Bufftech Fence and EverNew Railing exactly.
LMT Metal Top & Tiffany Glass Top Post Caps:
These post caps are available in LMT white, beige, almond, and khaki. These colors, other than the white, may not match our Certainteed products perfectly. The following is the closest match for LMT/Bufftech colors respectively: white/white, beige/tan, almond/almond, and khaki/clay. Color samples shown on the post cap pages are only as accurate as your monitor. If color matching is a must, please order a single cap to see if it will work with your application.
LMT Solar and Low Voltage Lighting Post Caps:
The same information above applies for the LMT post caps that are offered in choice of white, beige, almond, and khaki. Post caps from other manufacturers may or may not match your existing vinyl products. As before, please order a single post cap if color matching is crucial.