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Vinyl Post & Rail Installation Pictures
(Hoover Fence Co. no longer installs fence, article used to show a 4-rail Post & Rail installation for graphic purposes only)

Smith Mountain Lake, Virginia

This is a 4 rail 100% vinyl post and rail fence installed by Hoover Fence Co. It has the flat interior type caps. They fit on the inside of the post so horses can't bite the cap off the post. Our crews only travel south for installations during the winter months. If you are in a warm winter climate (above 32 degrees F.), we can quote you a price for a December through February installation.

This job was 6300' of fence. We are not really interested in installing your small backyard fence, unless you are in the Bahamas or Keys of Florida. This job had 800 posts and used 80 yards of concrete. Unless you are tough as nails, leave this size job for the "Professionals". Some holes had to be jack hammered (key words here are "Mountain Lake"). Our crews are some of the finest of many fence professionals across the USA and we are proud of them. Smaller jobs can easily be done by the average homeowner with a little "grunt" work and the ability to read a level.

If you do have some equipment to drill the holes and move the concrete, you can save yourself thousands of dollars in installation fees.

Vinyl 4 Rail Post & Rail


  • 2" x 6" ribbed rails
  • 5" x 5" posts
  • 12" x 42" concrete footers
  • Ring retainers for rails
  • 100% virgin vinyl (reground vinyl is taboo!)

Lesson 1: Keep the vinyl rails clean to avoid scratching as they are slid into the prerouted posts.

Some Facts: The height of the fence is about 57" to the top rail. Flat interior caps are used for horse fence to make it more difficult for the horses to bite the cap edge on exterior types. The rails are a full 2" thick by 6" wide.

Lesson 2: 16' rails were used for additional strength. Each rail spans 3 posts and the ends are placed alternating so all 4 rails do not end at the same line post.

Concrete Footers: 12" diameter x 42" deep. Posts are stuck into the wet concrete after pouring to assure that each one is filled on the interior also. Failure to do so will allow water and temperatures to "bust" the footers apart. Each end and corner post is filled with concrete to the top rail and reinforced with 1/2" rebar. In addition, we filled line posts on long runs about every 120' or so. We find it best to keep footers 2-6" below the grade to prevent post-heaving. Figure 8-9 posts per yard depending on digging conditions. We got hit hard on demurrage charges because our 3 yard pours exceeded the 1 hour dump time allowed by our concrete company. Most of the concrete had to be carried by front-loader to the holes. Faster dump times and bigger loads could be handled along the driveway where concrete was "chuted" into the holes.

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