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Rail Lengths

     Rails are available in 8' and 16' lengths (CertaGrain styles are also offered in 6' and 12' lengths for special applications). The strength of the fence is increased significantly by alternating rails so not all rails will end up with ends at the same post. Of course end, corner and gate posts are an exception.
     Order 8' rails for starting out at ends and gates, or order 16' rails with the intention of cutting them in half as needed. The material cuts easily with a hacksaw. If you do cut rails, holes will have to be drilled for the lock rings.
     When using the 16' long rails and alternating them, be aware that any sharp incline or decline grade changes may make installing 16' rails impossible, since the posts must line up on top in a straight line. In this case the 'grade' change must be done using 8' sections at the post that changes angles. Slight changes are possible, but not extreme grade changes. It may be hard to anticipate ahead of time when this would be necessary. You always have the option of cutting a 16' rail in half, drilling holes for the lock rings and making a grade change. Don't forget, you may need extra lock rings in order to do this. We can ship them quickly, if you find you are short.