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Rothbury Concave


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4' high

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4' high

Rothbury Concave

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4' high

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Rothbury Concave Style 4' High

Rothbury Concave 4' High Specifications

Component Detail
Top Rail (A) 2" x 4" x 95-1/2 "
Pickets   (B) 15 pieces of 7/8" x 3" Crimped to snap into rails
Bottom Rail (C) 2" x 4" x 95-1/2" Includes steel channel
Post (above ground) (D) 4" x 4" x 75"
Picket Spacing 16 spaces of 2-15/16"
Picket Lengths 44" longest to 37" shortest, not including cap size
Picket Cap 15 pieces of 7/8" x 3" x 1" dog ear picket caps
Post Spacing (center to center) 96"
Color(s) White, Tan, and Almond
Standard Walk Gate Actual Width 50"
Standard Walk Gate Opening Size 51-3/4" distance between gate posts (allows for hardware)
Standard Walk Gate Hardware self-closing hinges, self-latching latches
Standard Double Gate Actual Width 100"
Standard Double Gate Hardware add drop pin kit
Misc. Caps come attached to pickets