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Solar Accent Lighting Post Cap for 5" Vinyl Posts

Solar Time Averages Chart

Why Solar?

What are Stallion solar accent lights?
They are accent type lights that gather the sun's energy during the day and store it in batteries to be converted into light at night. Stallion developed these lights exclusively for the fence industry.

What advantages do solar lights offer?
They require no wiring, are very easy to install, and run off the sun's energy so they cost nothing to run - therefore are environmentally friendly.

Solar lights sound too good to be true - are there any disadvantages?
There are some disadvantages associated with solar lighting so it is important to acquaint yourself with those limitations, as reviewed below, to avoid any disappointment.

What are considered to be the major disadvantages associated with solar lighting?
First of all, by definition solar lights must have sun during the day to charge the batteries. The length of time that the lights stay on at night are in direct proportion to the amount of sun exposure during the day. Very simply, the better the sun exposure during the day the longer the lights stay on at night. See the bar chart at left that has been compiled to show what sort of on times you can expect in locations within the United States. Also it is important to realize that the fixtures need to be positioned so that the solar panel is exposed to the sun. Overhanging trees, shrubbery, your house, shadows, etc. are all potential limiting factors to optimum performance.

Is lower light output considered a disadvantage?
The lights are usually not as bright as most other forms of outdoor landscape lighting. Some people feel that this is a disadvantage, however, others welcome the softer light output that these fixtures were specifically designed for.

Realistically, what can I expect from solar accent lights?
When the sun cooperates, you can enjoy lights that are ideal for many applications, especially those where accent lighting is desired and it is inconvenient to use hard wired type products.

What sort of maintenance will I need to be concerned with?
Other than replacing the batteries about every 3 years there is not really much that can go wrong from a functioning standpoint.