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( stair-stepping panels )

Stair-stepping fence sections Installing fence sections on uneven terrain:

The picture at the left illustrates the stair-stepping installation that was done with 6' high and 5' high panels to add a little character to a simple divider fence between two properties. Regular 6' high end posts were ordered and field routed for the 5' high fence.


The pictures to the right depict both "raking" (top) and "stair-stepping" (bottom). Our vinyl fences fall into three major categories. Privacy (solid) styles like the Chesterfield pictured here, ornamental styles, post and rail, and picket styles. Their ability to rake is most difficult in that order. In addition, for sharp raking, the pre-routed holes in the posts may need enlarged on their heights to allow the rails to slide in at the additional angle. This can be done with a coarse file. Here is a chart that shows raking limitations we would call "natural" raking ability. These are the limits of the materials without a lot of fuss. Angles 35 degrees or more are possible with special posts and cutting. When installing sections to stair step, order end posts instead of line posts so you can cut the second side on site for a custom fit.


"Raking" fence section to follow slope of yard
Fence Style Natural Slope,
Rise Per Foot
Ornamental 2" 10 degrees
Picket indefinitely  
Post & Rail 2" with 8' rail 10 degrees
Privacy difficult 3"
over 7-1/2'
lattice tops no
Stair-stepping fence sections to follow sloping yard