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Information About Vinyl Gates:

     Most vinyl fence styles we carry feature a standard 4' wide gate (50" finish actual, approx. 51-3/4" opening); these gates may be doubled to create an 8' wide double drive gate. In ordering you would order two of the standard preassembled gates and a drop pin kit.  These gates are assembled with internal aluminum frame and simply need hung in place. Hardware kits sold separately with choice of vinyl or stainless steel. Hinges are self-closing and latch is self-latching. Vinyl latches are key lockable. Steel latches are lockable with a padlock.

     If a 4' wide single or an 8' wide double gate is not sufficient, you have a few options. For single gates, you can order a gate kit and build a gate smaller without any extra considerations. A gate kit includes 2 vinyl uprights with aluminum "U' channel inserts, aluminum channel rail inserts, upright caps, and hardware bag. You must order an extra section of fence (horizontal rails and vertical pickets) to build the gate with. Since this makes the cost higher than a preassembled gate, there is no advantage to doing this except sizing. If you must have a 3' wide gate due to layout limitations, this is the most cost-effective way of doing so. Vinyl gate kits are designed to be built up to 4' wide. If you need to make one larger, you will also need to order a gate extension kit which consists of two aluminum rail inserts to build gates up to 72" wide. The extension kit is only available for certain privacy styles. One familiar with gate design and gate fabrication would have no problem with the project, instructions are included.

     Larger custom vinyl gates can be fabricated with internal steel or aluminum framework welded for maximum strength. Vinyl components would install over the framework. Call for a quote on these types of gates at 1-800-355-2335.