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All of our vinyl fence comes with a non-prorated limited lifetime warranty!

Frequently Asked Questions About Vinyl Fence

Vinyl fences we supply are manufactured like vinyl siding, which has a long track record of providing durability and longevity. However, the base ingredient PVC (polyvinyl chloride), is altered to provide for increased superior impact resistance and ultra violet protection. With our fences and proper installation, one can be assured of a fence that will remain aesthetically appealing and structurally sound.

Vinyl fences we supply are warranted against manufacturing defects for the lifetime of the product. See warranty document for additional more specific warranties.

Layered Strength?
Vinyl fences we supply have an exterior layer for ultra violet protection and an interior built for impact resistance. They are co-extruded and will not separate.

Recycled Plastic?
Vinyl fences we supply do not use the waste stream as a source. Some other vinyl fences do and it reduces the quality of the products. Our vinyl fences are recyclable and are used when the plastic meets rigid specifications.

Cold Weather Damage?
Naturally plastic becomes less flexible in cold temperatures. Vinyl fences we supply are designed to withstand normal climatic changes. Under normal conditions and without unusual impact, these fences will not snap or break. Proper installation of concrete footers will prevent post heaving.

Color Loss?
Vinyl fences we supply are manufactured with titanium dioxide, which decreases the likelihood of ultra violet damage.

Color Availability?
All the vinyl fences we supply are available in white. Some are available in tan (ivory) and grey. Because titanium dioxide, a color loss and change inhibitor, is white in pigment, it is difficult to provide darker colors. Naturally, darker colors attract sun rays and heat, increasing the likelihood of warping, sagging, and other sun damage. The latest developments in vinyl color is allowing more and more darker colors to be introduced. Our CertaGrain colors are a good example.

Vinyl fences we supply are classified as "self-extinguishing" and will not readily ignite.

Because there are no protruding sharp screws, nails, and splinters, injury is unlikely. The no-taste factor of PVC decreases the likelihood of horse chewing. However, interior post caps are recommended for use with horses.

In general, the initial cost of vinyl fencing is higher than other fence styles. However, when compared on the long run, vinyl fencing remains maintenance-free while other fence styles increase in maintenance and and repair costs.

I have two vinyl PVC fence brands on my property, I have noticed that the fence post caps are not interchangeable? I have the need to purchase 50 post caps for the brand name "US Fence". Do your fence caps fit this brand? Also is interior vs. exterior mean the fence cap fits the inside the post vs. outside the post on how the caps attach?

Thank you for writing. You are correct, not all vinyl post caps will fit all vinyl posts. Not only does size make a difference (3-1/2'', 4'', and 5'' are common sizes of vinyl post caps which are available), but also the radius which is found in the corner of the cap can affect a proper post cap fit. Some manufacturers of vinyl post caps have a sharp 90 degree angle on the inside lip of the vinyl post cap; some have a smooth curved 90 degree bend on the inside of the caps. The shape of the inside of the post cap can make a difference if the cap fits properly or not. Occasionally, one can grind out the inside of the cap for a proper fit without it being visible on the outside, however grinding 50 post caps would be quite a chore. Vinyl post caps are made to fit either the inside of the post and are often called 'interior caps', or are made to fit the outside of a post and called 'exterior fit'.

Question or Comment: I'm planning to fabricate a vinyl picket fence about 12 feet long with three support posts that will go from 4 feet to about 9 feet high with a sweeping curve to it. It will be attached to the end of the house on the high side to have some additional privacy. My question is: Do you sell long lengths of picket fencing so I could make this unit without attaching one to picket to another to get the height of 9 feet?

Thank you for writing. Our vinyl picket fencing is sold in 6' and 8' wide sections depending on which fence style you choose. Depending on if we have a stock style that will fit your needs, or not, you may be fabricating something custom. We do not have a picket style of fence 9' high. We do have privacy fence, the tallest fence being 8' high. We carry an assortment of vinyl fence profiles: posts, pickets, and fence horizontal rails that are used while producing our vinyl fence styles, picket, ornamental, semi-private, and privicy fence. Most all of these vinyl fence profiles are for sale individually.

I suggest reviewing our vinyl fence styles to find vinyl fence components which may fit your application. Most all of our vinyl fence styles and components are available online complete with current pricing, specifications, and helpful how-to information. You may also send us a tentative material list with quantities and sizes of vinyl fence components for our review and quotation.

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Thanks again for writing and we look forward to working with you in the near future!


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