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6' high

Chesterfield Westminster

6' high

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Chesterfield w/Westminster Accent Style - 6' high

Westminster 6' high fence specifications

Component Detail
Top Accent Rail (A) 2" x 3-1/2" x 94-1/2"
Lattice Panel (B) 1 Piece of 13" x 90-3/4"
Horizontal Channel (C) 2 Pieces 5/8" x 1" x 90-3/4"
Vertical Channel  (D) 2 Pieces 5/8" x 1" x 13-1/8"
Top Rail (E) 2" x 6" x 95" Classic Curve Deco Rail Ribbed, extruded with channel to accept fence pickets
Pickets (F) 13 pieces of 7/8" x 7" x 45-3/4"
End Channel (G) Included
Bottom Rail (H) 2" x 6" x 95" Classic Curve Deco Rail Ribbed, extruded with channel to accept pickets. Includes steel channel.
Post (in-ground) ( I ) 5" x 5" x 107" heavy wall
Lattice Spacing 2"
Picket Spacing None
Post Spacing (center to center) 97"
Steel reinforcement Yes-channel located in bottom rail
Aluminum reinforcement None
Color(s) White only
Standard Walk Gate Actual Width 36-1/2", 50-1/2", and 64-3/4" widths available
Standard Walk Gate Opening Size Add 1-3/4" distance between gate posts (allows for hardware)
Standard Walk Gate Hardware Self-closing hinges, self-latching latches
Standard Double Gate Actual Width 100"
Standard Double Gate Hardware Add drop pin kit
Misc. External caps include screws, washers, & snap caps