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Color Coated Drop Rods / Cane Bolts

Residential drop rods, or cane bolts as they are often referred to as, are typically used on residential chain link double drive gates. Double drive gates are two gates which work in conjunction with one another, i.e. two six foot wide gates which are used to close a twelve foot wide opening. When the two gates meet at their latching side, a drop rod is used to 'pin' the gates down and hold it firmly in place. Often, an additional simple chain link fork latch will be used to latch the two gates together. We also offer residential drop rods with unique heads which will latch two gates together and serve as drop rods.

Chain link drop rods typically install vertically and parallel to the gates' vertical uprights using drop rod guides. With this drop rod, use two female gate hinges with bolts as drop rod guides and order female hinges which fit the tubing size of the gate uprights. A small piece of pipe is often driven into the ground to serve as a place to slide the drop rod. A chain link gate centerstop may also be used as a drop rod holder.

Chain link drop rods are approx. 1/2" diameter x 30" long galvanized steel and are versatile enough to be used in any outdoor fencing application.

Black Drop Rod
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CL-DR-30BP 30" 1.65 lbs $ Add To Cart

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