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Wood Fence
Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Does it matter if a cedar fence is touching the ground?   memo1.htm
Is it necessary to pour concrete around the fence posts?   memo2.htm
How many inches from the ground should the cross board be?   memo3.htm
Should I let vines grow on a wood fence?   memo4.htm
Will a 4"x4" pressure treated post last longer than a 4"x4" white cedar post?   memo5.htm
What's a reasonable estimate on cost for materials and labor for a wood fence?   memo6.htm
How do I mount a wood gate to brick?   memo7.htm
  8. How do I install a wood fence on an existing masonary wall?    memo8.htm
  9. How do I cut wood posts?   memo9.htm
10. How do I set posts for a 6' wood fence?   memo10.htm
11. Can I install a wood fence using the posts from an existing chain link fence?  memo11.htm
12. Is there a way to extend your current wooden fence posts to accommodate taller planks?  memo12.htm

13. Is there a way to mount wooden fence posts to a concrete surface?  memo13.htm
14. Should gravel be used under or around cedar fence posts? memo14.htm
15. Should end posts or corner posts be set first when installing western red cedar split rail fence? memo15.htm

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