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I wish to install a wood privacy fence (Two 6' high sections) across my concrete patio. I plan to install the two 4x4 fence posts for the ends. One will be cemented into dirt and the other will be anchored to my garage wall. My question concerns the middle post. It needs to be anchored to the concrete. I do not wish to cut out this patio area. I would prefer to drill or any other less destructive tactic. Through internet searches, I have seen various steel brackets for wood posts anchored to concrete. I have also seen opinions that these anchors are not good solutions.

Would you please suggest something for me? Is there a bracket you would recommend? Any info would be appreciated.

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Thank you for your interest in our site and products. Brackets can be used successfully to mount a wood fence post to a concrete surface, however caution should be taken with thin concrete pads and privacy fences. Do not underestimate the strength and power that the windload can have on a fence. Naturally, the fence is only as strong as its weakest point, and if posts are not anchored sufficiently, problems will occur. I've often found neither the fence, post, or bracket failed, but rather the concrete by cracking and therefore causing fasteners which hold the bracket to the concrete surface become loose.

An in-ground fence post installation is most always the best, however not always an option. When concrete exists, it is often only a 4" or less pad and often not reinforced with wire, or rebar. Such thin pads crack easy, without heavy wind-bearing fences attached to them. Cutting a notch out of this thin pad and digging a conventional fence post footer is recommended for a taller privacy fence.

Wood fence panels installed on round galvanized posts. Special wood to steel fence post brackets are available in a variety of sizes and type to accomodate attaching wood fence rails to round posts.

Alternatively, drilling into the concrete and setting a round chain link style 2" or 2-1/2" O.D. galvanized post works well for supporting wood fence. We suggest using either an HF20 or HF40 grade post for this application. Since this post size is smaller than a conventional 4x4 wood post, it is easier to drill and can cause less stress on the concrete pad. An assortment of wood to steel fence post brackets are available as follows:

Economy Wood to Steel Fence Post Brackets I Mid-Range Wood to Steel Fence Post Brackets
Adjustable Wood to Steel Fence Post Brackets I OZ-POST Fence Post Brackets

We currently only carry one bracket which allows for the attachment of a wood post to a surface. The OZ-Railing is suggested for railing applications and some fence post applications.

Other fence post, deck post mounting brackets available in the industry consist of heavy halvanized steel formed, or welded to accept a 4x4 and other size posts. These are often quite strong and well made and usually all have large metal plates on the bottom predrilled for the insertion of concrete anchors.


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Updated 06/19/09